Monday, November 14, 2005

Turkey day is going to be different this year...

Turkey day is going to be different this year.....
First off and most importantly cousin Josh left for Kuwait last Friday. We've known for a while he'd be leaving soon, but I guess the time has to come eventually. I'll definitely notice him not being there. You see my sister and I aren't particularly close with my cousins (Josh and his brother Nate). Even though we did grow up together, live in the same town, and attend the same high school we somehow grew up separately over the years. We don't see all that much of each other but it seems like every year it's Thanksgiving that brings us together and reminds us of being kids when we were closer. I will always have certain memories stuck in my mind of the four of us. I miss the young teenage years of mixing our wine with our soda at Thanksgiving dinner , simply to make it taste better of course (haha just don't ask). My aunt Paula (his mom) is pretty much a mess...I guess it's made us all a little closer over the past couple weeks. I think about and worry about him everyday, I wish is could be here so we could all tell him. I guess we all have to just go on with our lives as usual until he comes back home, hopefully it won't be too long and he'll be here next year.
Secondly on a happier more humorous note my grandpa has a girlfriend? You clearly don't know how hilarious this is to me. Okay so my grandmother died suddenly when she was pretty young, it was kinda drawn out and horrible for us all to watch. Since then my grandpa has made his dog his entire life, but then the little rat died, it's horrible, he almost had nothing to live for. None of us had any idea, but one night while my aunt and uncle were out to dinner they saw him holding hands with some lady! We all just about died when they told us. Since then I've seen the two of them together EVERYWHERE! I'm really happy for him, it's just funny he's so quiet and reserved but now he's in looooove! I think she's coming to eat turkey with us. It'll be a change to the usual family craziness for sure!
I assure you the entire evening will be filled with drunken fun for most of us... It should be quite a show...I'll be sure to fill you in next week!
Peace for now...and happy early Turkey Day!


Blogger Lorianne said...

Good luck to your cousin. And WAY TO GO, GRANDPA! There's nothing better than young love...unless, of course, it's "more mature" love! :-)

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